When it comes to hair envy, the first person on our minds is @Negin_mirsalehi, with her long chestnut locks that would make any mermaid run for her money. Thankfully, the popular fashion blogger and Instagram influencer has decided to grace us with Gisou, a honey-infused hair product that promises to polish our locks and soften our waves (fingers crossed!)

img_7412img_7409We were at Mirsalehi’s private product launch event in Dubai last night, which was a lavish affair organized by none other than Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and Sa*uce Boutique. Held in the heart of S*uce co-founder Fatima Mazroui Ghobash’s private home, the event was buzzing with the city’s most affluent fashion In-crowd.

The intimate pool-side occasion was the perfect setting for the sea of attendees, from Sam Francis  Baker (@styleisnecessity) and Sai Mansano (@thesandgypsy) to Dee By Dalia (@deebydalia), Nadia Hassan (@thefierce_nay) and Natalia and Reem Kanj (@natalyakanj @reemkanj) to mingle and learn more about Gisou, with meeting Mirsalehi herself definitely being the highlight of the evening.

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